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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Downtown Miami Turns Out Lights for Environment

The rising concern with global warming and environmental degradation has raised interest in the creation and conservation of energy technology. From recycling to carpooling there are viable ways to reduce your "carbon footprint" and improve our environmental situation. A cleaner cooler climate will improve quality of life and make your life and location much more amiable.

Developers are looking ahead and trying to do their part to protect the environment by building "greener" condos and homes. Ten Museum Park's glass design was intended to let as much natural light in the building as possible reducing the need for indoor lighting. Small design features like this can make a big difference in the long run, saving the condo and resident money and reducing their "carbon footprint".  

In the theme of energy conservation downtown Miami is planning a spectacle that will display their commitment to going green. Downtown Miami is known for its colorful and flamboyant lights display that can be seen from high buildings all around the city.  The Ten Museum Park condo contributes to the light display as it shines and stands on the coast in the middle of Miami's luminous skyline. Skylines are trademarks of a major metropolitan area and can be monumental to a city's growing success in business. The elaborate lights also require large amounts of energy and create light pollution. In an effort to send a message to the people of downtown Miami and other parts of Miami the city will be shutting off the lights in the downtown area on March 29th. Blacking out downtown Miami is both a method to save power and is symbolic of Miami's commitment to "going green".

Whether or not you live in a Miami luxury condo or a single family home, doing your part to fight the global climate crisis could be as easy as turning off non-essential lights. The intentional downtown Miami blackout is progressive statement to all.

Posted at 4:34:09 PM
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