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Friday, February 1, 2008

Miami Architecture Proves Inspirational

Conventional wisdom dictates architectural appearance can be stellar though bland on the outside as long as it's grand on the inside. Artistic merit is completely subjective or "in the eye of the beholder", Miami architects don't "heir on the side of caution" to give universal outer visual appeal. On the contrary, they push the standard and take risks that yield epic results.


The Condo in downtown Miami, The Ten Museum Park, astonishing in its serene awe-inducing design, appears to be the pinnacle of Miami Condo design.  However, South Beach condos like ICON have captured the imagination of tourists and residents alike. Remember these are simply superficial assessments of these buildings' exterior design; some of their best qualities reside within.


Building projects are evident through the construction most adequately represented by the seemingly infinite cranes erecting throughout the city. Numerous projects are done in conjunction with acclaimed architects who are poised on pushing the standard of design to extraordinary lengths. Popular culture has glorified Miami's insight with television shows and movies that have been shot and continue to shoot in Miami's design districts.


Miami's appeal started with its warm weather experience, which Miami residents imitated in their fashion, design and architecture. From 24 hour music and dancing to sunny beaches lively with warm, high-spirited beachgoers, the best way to describe Miami culture's effect on architecture is by simply taking a look at the colorful atmosphere that emanates throughout the city. Pre-construction condos in South Beach such as The Related Group's Apogee proves the endless urge for Miami architects to continue the city theme of innovation in architecture.


Is it the city's famous architectural prowess that allures future residents to the Ten Museum Park rental or is it a combination or things?  While the eclectic artistic merits play a heavy part of inciting interest, locals will attest to the fact that this is merely one of the glorious qualities produced by these luxury communities in the beautiful city of Miami.

Posted at 11:11:44 AM
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