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Friday, February 15, 2008

Affordable Miami Condominiums



Locating a perfect Miami Beach condo isn't the simplest of tasks on anyone's to do list.  Miami real estate is a tricky enough market, with luxury waterfront communities sporadically placed throughout the Miami-Dade area. Competition is fierce for waterfront properties and the demand is being supplied by condo developers.


Condos, being the most popular form of luxury residence in Miami Beach, have attracted all types of demographics due to their irresistibly chic and convenient appeal. If you'd like to live close to the beach without paying the Miami Beach prices you'd pay for the ICON, there's always the Ten Museum Park condo which is also located on the coast five minutes from Miami Beach. Places like Ten Museum Park offer the luxury of South Beach without the lofty price tag.


Ten Museum Park comes with unparalleled luxury: amenities reserved for royalty and features that provide superior form and function. Residential features include amenities that go above and beyond the call of your average luxury condo. Ten Museum Park represents a growing number of condos that are providing five star quality services such as Miami Beach's Bath Club at two star prices. 


Usually a condo with such luxury at a small price would be indicative of having a poor location. On the contrary, Ten Museum Park is located directly on the water overlooking Biscayne Bay.  If it's your dream to live on Miami Beach, Ten Museum Park is as close as you can get without literally living on the island.


Ten Museum Park is a unique luxury condo.  Overlooking the water and being five minutes away from Miami Beach has made it both sought after and affordable. If it's comfort and luxury you seek at a reduced and attractive price, then comfort and luxury you shall receive at Ten Museum Park.


Posted at 3:59:19 PM
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