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Address:  110 Washington Ave
Area:  South Beach
Year Built:  2004
Floors:  8
Price Range:  $2,800-$2,338,000
Status:   Re-Sales
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Building Description

The Cosmopolitan towers include a development and architectural pedigree that includes two renowned names in Groupe Pacific and illustrious Maurice Salazar.  Featuring superbly designed pied-a-terre residences in a variety of floor plans, the Cosmopolitan, true to its name, evokes South Beach’s internationally sophisticated and continuously stylish atmosphere.

Step inside the Cosmopolitan’s lobby and admire at the time, effort and sheer creativity put in by celebrated and award-winning interior designer Tessi Garcia.  Also take a moment to admire the dazzling aesthetic water fountains and the flourishingly landscaped courtyard with its own relaxing pool deck area.  Elsewhere you’ll find an exclusive clubroom and a cutting edge fitness facility.

The Cosmopolitan’s 233 residential units come with the choice of one to two bedroom floor plans and the choice of a den in two bedroom units.  The wonderfully romantic residence balconies offer exceptional views of South Beach.  In the kitchens you’ll find high end stainless steel appliances, deluxe granite countertops and cabinetry designed in European style.  Bathrooms are equipped with half glass enclosed showers and relaxing whirlpool tubs.

Besides having the enviable luxury of living in South Florida’s most exclusive and dynamic city, Cosmopolitan residents also have the benefit of being situated just moments away from the area’s most popular and engaging hotspots like Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive.  Residents can also take out a boating vessel at the Miami Beach Marina and admire the fabulous South Florida coastline while soaking in its unrivaled sunshine.

Building Amenities

  • Concierge
  • 24-hour security
  • Valet
  • Private covered parking
  • Sublimely landscaped courtyard
  • Cascading water fountains
  • Fitness facility
  • Exclusive clubroom
  • Pool deck section

Residence Features

  • One to two bedroom floor plans with the choice of den in two bedroom units
  • Balconies
  • Granite kitchen countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Washer and dryer
  • European style kitchens
  • Master bath with whirlpool tub
  • Half glass enclosure shower

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Updated: Friday, August 26, 2016

Hiring a Handyman When Selling Your Home

As you get ready to sell your home, you may discover the need to make numerous repairs and updates. But when do you have the time? Most jobs you can do yourself, but others require a little more skill. Maybe its time to consider hiring a handyman.

According to Angies List, hiring a handyman can prevent waste and overcharging, as the handyman will only charge you for hours worked. Plus they keep their rates low with low overhead and by not having to pay other workers.

A handyman is someone who can handle small painting and carpentry jobs that can be completed quickly. He typically works alone, charges by the hour plus materials, and in some states is required to be licensed and carry insurance.

If you think youre going to more extensive work, you should consider a contractor. A contractor differs from a handyman by taking larger jobs that require going behind walls, or tearing out and rebuilding areas. Contractors supervise specialized tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, and craftsmen.

Before you hire a handyman or a contractor, make a list of the jobs you need done. If your list is composed mostly of repairs and some updating like painting, a handyman should suit your needs.

To hire the right person for the job, do the following:

1. Get recommendations from family, friends, or your real estate professional. She may know an individual or company that specializes in "make-ready," a room-by-room clean-up, touch-up and fix-up. You can also contact sites such as HomeAdvisor or Angies List, to hire workmen.

2. Interview several handymen before making your decision. Make sure the handyman you hire has the experience and equipment to do the jobs you need and is willing to guarantee the work.

3. You want someone youll feel comfortable having around your family and in your home. Hire only personnel who are bonded and insured.

4. Inspect the work while its in progress and when its finished. Most professionals want to do a good job out of pride of workmanship. Handymen also >

What you dont want to do is leave small repairs undone. Home buyers notice if maintenance has been ignored, and may conclude the home is in need of greater repair than it actually does.

> Full Story

The Other Sphere of Influence: The Power of REALTOR Recommendations

When it comes to real estate, we know agents influence everything from the locations a buyer considers to the type, size, and >

A survey from Campbell Communications and Inside Mortgage Finance Publications "revealed that real estate agents hold sway when it comes to choosing a lender," said The Truth About Mortgage. "In fact, the survey claims 45 of buyer decisions regarding which lender to go with are controlled or influenced by real estate agents."

Larry Vecchio, broker of VRI Homes and founder of, has found this to be true in his East Coast-based real estate practices. "It would make sense that a buyer would approach their trusted real estate agent for counsel on resources like mortgage lenders, inspectors, and insurance agents," he said.

A lively conversation on Zillows advice thread tackled the question of whether a buyer should use the home inspector that was recommended by a clients real estate agent. While opinions were mixed, the common sense response was: If you trust your real estate agent, you should trust their recommendations.

A trusted expert

For many real estate professionals, the trust factor extends beyond industry->

Quicken Loans

"We probably refer three to five things to every client - contractors, oil tanks, cable companies. Even local restaurants we recommend," said Vecchio.

Vecchio established Surf Your Town, with community websites in every town served by his companies that list preferred vendors and allow clients to find recommended businesses ranging from banks to bed amp; breakfasts and carpet cleaners to chiropractors close to home.

"People consider us a community expert, so they ask for recommendations all the time. The percentage who take our recommendations is probably 80 or higher. If they ask us for a referral, theyre at least going to follow up. Thats the trust level weve established within our communities."

Charlotte Observer

Knowledge of the area

Today, building that trust is about service, but its also about knowledge. Moving from one house to another, even if its just next door, could trigger a need to seek out new utilities; people who are moving to another city or state, typically need more guidance in this area. Who better to turn to than their real estate agent, whose job it is - quite literally - to know the ins and outs of the area.

If you think this isnt an important factor for buyers, consider the story of "Seth." This work-from-home software engineer bought a house in Kitsap County, Washington after extensive research into the available Internet in his neighborhood, according to Ars TECHNICA. The story of how he was repeatedly foiled in his attempt to secure said Internet service is maddening, but the bottom line: Unable to get what he needed, Seth chose to sell his new home after just two months.

The upshot for agents is: It pays to be someone whos keyed in to whats available in their target neighborhoods and able to serve their clients as an area expert. Some agents have even had great success by promoting the high-speed services offered at a specific address for a tech-savvy clientele.

The science behind referrals

Referrals are nothing new. Pre-Internet, referrals were one of the main sources consumers had to find an agent, a doctor, a tailor, or a house painter. But the ability to do a Google search and find anything they need in a couple of clicks has not lowered the likelihood that people will follow the referral given to them by a friend, colleague, family member, or real estate agent.

A study on Media Post shows that "59 of people consult friends and family for purchasing decisions - and that, even given a recommendation, they are likely to do further research," said ConversionXL. Tech company Vendasta reports that "more than 88 of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision."

What that means for agents is that clients will ask around when theyre looking for you, and then theyll look to you for whatever else they need. The experience you provide matters, and your influence goes far beyond which neighborhood they should buy in.

Especially if its a neighborhood that doesnt offer high-speed Internet.

> Full Story

7 Reasons To Run To IKEA Today To Grab New 2017 Catalog Items

Yesterday was basically a national holiday in our house. After days of running to the mailbox with joyful enthusiasm, only to be disappointed by the presence only of bills, 75 Chinese and Italian takeout menus, and assorted other junk mail, it finally came.

The IKEA catalog. Its here. Hallelujah.

So what that basically means is that I did ZERO housework or back-to-school organization after 5pm last night. If it hadnt been for sad puppy eyes and a slight trail of drool left on page 47 of the catalog, I may have also forgotten to feed my animals The beings of the human variety who live here knew they were on their own.

All sense of responsibility goes out the window when the IKEA catalog comes. Cant help it.

Real Simple agrees. "Theres nothing like getting the fresh, new IKEA catalog in August, thumbing through the pages, and bookmarking or tearing out your favorites to bring to the store," they said.

Its not like everything in it was a total surprise. Ive been peeking online for weeks, reading tidbits about this years hot items and why the 2017 catalog is, from a design and content standpoint, a departure from previous years. It reads far more editorial this year, with features on "13 real people around the world" that highlight "how Ikea is connected to the way they live and incorporated into their daily lives," said POPSUGAR. It also includes a recipe for pulled salmon sandwiches umm, no, a companion to its new menu item, the smoked salmon sandwich that gets a starring spot on the very stylized back page no thanks, Ill be sticking to meatballs.

This idea beyond the 2017 catalog is to go beyond cool, inexpensive, put-it-together-yourself stuff, creating "home furnishing solutions that help people to live a life without negative expectations," said Real Simple. "We want people to care less about other peoples opinionsand more about what they want themselves." The Washington Post adds that IKEA welcomes a "more >

OK, sure. Were on board. But, really, we just want to look at the stuff. And we know that many of you dont even want to bother with the whole catalog, so for anyone who doesnt regard it with nearly as much excitement, or who would prefer a Cliff Notes version, were happy to help. Here are a few of the things you should head right on over to the big blue and yellow box to buy.

Were suckers for IKEAs utility carts, and this new one is more of the same good stuff. Priced at 29.99, Sunnersta comes in white. But, truth be told, were picturing two of them side by side in our front hall, spray painted in peacock blue.


The Gladom Tray Table is genius. No, really. This little, powder-coated, metal side table in pale yellow or sage green has a tray that lifts off And its just 29.99, which means we can get a good dozen of them without feeling guilty. The Washington Post likes it too. "A table that is also a tray; a tray thats also a table. I can think of many uses for this flexible metal design."


Everybodys got an awkward corner that just needssomething, right? Well take the Sderhamn Corner Section. How cute is it in baby pink it also comes in turquoise, white, and dark gray? Its durable in microfiber and its affordable at 200.


We love IKEAs rugs for their size and pricing, but this new LOBBAK rug also brings some snazzy design in a herringbone pattern. Because its a flat weave, itll clean up well, and it can also be used outdoors. Best yet: its just 79.99 for the 67" x 82" rug.


Smart storage is one of the main concepts of the 2017 catalog, and the KVISTBRO storage tables are a great option. "Its a table and display case in one Fill this wire-patterned stand with books, blankets or even kids toys for a practical yet pretty storage solution, said Today. "Theres a handle on the top that makes it easy to open."


Yes, thats a kitty cat print. On the curtains. These MATTRAM panels are 24.99 and we need all of them.


We usually veer toward stone countertops, but this BARKABODA Wooden Herringbone Countertop is so pretty, we just might have to make an exception. Its 229, comes prefinished and in a 98" length, and can be cut down to fit your needs.


"This new countertop option is so unique and lovely," said Apartment Therapy. "Adding pattern to your kitchen is totally on trend, but its an especially cool twist to have it be on your counter surface. Finally, it comes in at a price point that would fit into many reno or refresh budgets and has DIY or hack applications beyond the kitchen, too yet looks super luxe. Love"


> Full Story

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