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Address:  110 Washington Ave
Area:  South Beach
Year Built:  2004
Floors:  8
Price Range:  $2,400-$791,000
Status:   Re-Sales
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Building Description

The Cosmopolitan towers include a development and architectural pedigree that includes two renowned names in Groupe Pacific and illustrious Maurice Salazar.  Featuring superbly designed pied-a-terre residences in a variety of floor plans, the Cosmopolitan, true to its name, evokes South Beach’s internationally sophisticated and continuously stylish atmosphere.

Step inside the Cosmopolitan’s lobby and admire at the time, effort and sheer creativity put in by celebrated and award-winning interior designer Tessi Garcia.  Also take a moment to admire the dazzling aesthetic water fountains and the flourishingly landscaped courtyard with its own relaxing pool deck area.  Elsewhere you’ll find an exclusive clubroom and a cutting edge fitness facility.

The Cosmopolitan’s 233 residential units come with the choice of one to two bedroom floor plans and the choice of a den in two bedroom units.  The wonderfully romantic residence balconies offer exceptional views of South Beach.  In the kitchens you’ll find high end stainless steel appliances, deluxe granite countertops and cabinetry designed in European style.  Bathrooms are equipped with half glass enclosed showers and relaxing whirlpool tubs.

Besides having the enviable luxury of living in South Florida’s most exclusive and dynamic city, Cosmopolitan residents also have the benefit of being situated just moments away from the area’s most popular and engaging hotspots like Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive.  Residents can also take out a boating vessel at the Miami Beach Marina and admire the fabulous South Florida coastline while soaking in its unrivaled sunshine.

Building Amenities

  • Concierge
  • 24-hour security
  • Valet
  • Private covered parking
  • Sublimely landscaped courtyard
  • Cascading water fountains
  • Fitness facility
  • Exclusive clubroom
  • Pool deck section

Residence Features

  • One to two bedroom floor plans with the choice of den in two bedroom units
  • Balconies
  • Granite kitchen countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Washer and dryer
  • European style kitchens
  • Master bath with whirlpool tub
  • Half glass enclosure shower

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Updated: Monday, August 03, 2015

Heavy Breathing and Heavy Lifting: Our Faves From The 2016 IKEA Catalog

It was just a normal summer Thursday, but then I came home to a mailbox bonanza that changed a just whatever day into a FREAKING AWESOME NIGHT

Right there, mingled with a bunch of stuff I didnt even bother to look at, was 328 pages of YES The 2016 IKEA catalog.

Commence heavy breathing.

In this house, we wear out our yearly catalog. Pages that escape dog-earing are rare. Individual items are circled, crossed out, and circled again with notes and arrows and the occasional diagram. Its not like we cant go online and see the items or flip through the digital version of the catalog and we do that too. But well take a good ole paper version we can hold in our hands, study, pore over, and daydream about anytime.

Our IKEA love is serious business. Weve already spent some considerable time looking through the brand-new catalog, which is focused this year on the kitchen. We also read what a few other folks had to say about it.

"IKEAs 2016 offerings will include solutions for not only cooking and serving food but also for growing and storing it," said My Domaine. "According to IKEA, This year, were showcasing how food connects people, and what makes life in and around the kitchen work in harmony."

Today also weighed in on what they like from this years book. You can check out their list here.

Here are a few of our new favorites:

VITTSJO shelving unit

We were already big fans of this powder-coated steel and tempered glass piece, which is versatile enough to use in the kitchen, bathroom, or stacked three deep down a hall, and only costs 49. Now that its being offered in red, we see a few stacked in our car in the future.

HINDO shelving unit

We also like the HINDO Greenhouse Cabinet, the newest addition to the HINDO family. It comes in gray powder-coated galvanized steel and glass, it has adjustable shelves, and its large size30 x 64gives you a ton of surface area. Plus its only 99.

ALVSBYN Chandelier

IKEA is known for its fun, affordable overhead lighting, and the ALVSBYN Chandelier does not disappoint. In plastic, steel and rubber, it offers a unique look, along with "tubes with LEDs that create exciting lighting effects and look like the path of fireflies flying in the air," according to IKEA. The built-in LED means this chandelier will never need a bulb.

Priced at 79.99.

SODERSVIK Ceiling Light

We also love the SODERSVIK Ceiling Light, a sculptural LED piece that offers diffused light. 79.99.

SELJE nightstand with MORIK wi>

Leave it to IKEA to make form and function so affordable you cant NOT buy it. This white SELJE nightstand comes with an integrated MORIK wi>

SITTNING Collection

The acacia chopping boards 4.99 each, the bowls 19.99 for two, and the serving spoons 14.99 for five of this new limited-edition collection, available starting in September, make us want to have a dinner party.

SINNERLIG Collection

If youre tired of the wood-metal look thats been everywhere in bar seating over the last few years, the 59 Sinnerlig cork-topped stool might be for you. Its part of the SINNERLIG Collection being >

The collection includes a cork-top table 349 and bench 119, as well as a color-glazed stoneware pitcher that will look just as good >


Big, neutral with just enough oomph to be interesting, this indoor/outdoor flat woven rug measures 67 x 910 and comes in gray/black or blue/beige. 99.

> Full Story

10 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Mosquitoes are annoying. Thats not news to anyone. They can make it hard to enjoy the outdoors, what with their swarming, biting, and disease carrying. Which is a shame, since, in many areas, theres a limited amount of time to enjoy the sunshine before the shivery cold winter descends again.

There are some ways to keep mosquitoes contained, or at least lessen their impact, in your outdoor space. They range from stuff you put on you to stuff you put in you all above board, to simple changes you can make it your yard to keep them at bay. Here are a few youll want to try:

1. Keep your pool maintained.

A dirty pool may be an eyesore, or it could be more: a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Keeping it clean can also help keep your family healthy.

2. Take care of standing water.

"Still or stagnant water is a welcome mat for mosquitoes because its their ideal breeding environment," said This Old House. "The best defense, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is to get rid of any standing water in your yard. That means dispersing or draining any recent rainwater that has collected in gutters, buckets, furniture covers, kids toys, or any other containers. If you have a birdbath or a fountain, make sure the water is changed at least once a week or that the water is circulating."


3. Use a fan.

"Mosquitoes are weak flyers, so even if a fan is set on low, it can create enough airflow to keep them away," said Real Simple. "This works best in a small area, like a deck, where you can set up two or three box fans around your guests."

Everyday Family

4. Use an insect repellant.

There are any number of products out there that can help ward off mosquitoes and they come in a dizzying array of wearable forms, from sprays to wipes to bracelets. Youll want to check the ingredients if youre sensitive or if you want to stay away from DEET, the most active ingredient in many insect repellants and also one that is potentially dangerous.

5. Use citronella oil.

Natural Living Ideas recommends using natural ingredients like citronella oil instead of toxic ingredients like DEET.

"Citronella essential oil is one of the most effective natural mosquito repellents in the world and one of the best ways to take advantage of this wonderful oil is in citronella candles," they said. "These candles are easy to make, all natural and will >
diy Network

You can learn how to make your own citronella candles here.

6. Use lavender.

Lavender is another oil that can repel mosquitoes, and, bonusits fragrant smell is lovely.

"To keep mosquitoes out of your home, add a drop of lavender to ribbon and place around open windows," said Natural Living Ideas. You can also make a lavender body oil by adding "30 drops of lavender essential oil to two tablespoons of vegetable oil -- such as olive oil -- and rub onto exposed skin. Not only will you smell beautiful, but it will stop mosquitoes from landing on you"

Victors Lavender

7. Plant lavender instead.

The smell of lavender wafting from the garden may make you happy, but mosquitoes will not share your joy. Its just one of 31 plants that repel mosquitoes.

8. Go the citrus route.

"If the mosquitoes are eating you alive, try rubbing a few lemon or orange peels on your skin," said Daily Finance. "The citrus oil and scent act as a natural repellent, and it works great for gnats too. If you dont have any fruit handy, a little vanilla extract or baby oil can also do the trick."


9. Eat more garlic.

That Italian dinner you enjoyed last night can help you keep the bugs at bay the next day.

"After eating lots of garlic, garlic oil is gently >

10. Make some lemon-eucalyptus spray.

Another natural alternative to traditional repellents, this natural version for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks "is government-approved for being just as effective as DEET," said Daily Finance. "On top of that, you can easily make your own spray for around 2 a bottle. Simply take a small spray bottle and fill it up halfway with distilled or boiled water. Next, fill up the rest of with some witch hazel from your local pharmacy. Then top it all off with 50 drops of lemon-eucalyptus oil, commonly found at most health food stores."

> Full Story

Buyers Advice: Dont Wait For a Better Deal

Despite a hot economy, mortgage interest rates are near historic lows. Prices are still below where they were nearly 10 years ago. Home values have risen for over five years allowing homeowners to build equity. Unemployment is down to where it was before the recession.

Prices are higher, inventory is tight, and buyers are being shut out of homes in many areas. Rents are higher than mortgage payments across the country. So buying a home is tougher than its been in years. Some homebuyers may be wondering if they should wait for a better deal.

There are valid arguments to waiting and to jumping in the market. Either choice has its risks. If you dont buy, prices can go up even more. Youll pay more in rent and when you decide to buy, homes that you could have afforded now will be more expensive, possibly out of your range.

If you do buy a home, prices could go down, which will put you underwater longer, and possibly leaving you with an expensive asset thats harder to sell.

But consider this - what if you buy and prices go up? Youll accumulate instant equity, a savings account of a kind, all while receiving considerable tax breaks and other incentives. Would you feel just as weighed down by owning a home if it were appreciating in value instead of losing value?

There are no guarantees that home prices will turn in your favor. Local markets rise or fall based on their own micro-economies, but there is one truth that never changes -- youll never know if you could have had a better deal unless you commit to making one.

In January 2015, Kiplingers predicted a 3.5 percent increase in national home prices. By June, prices were already up 3.2 percent, according to the National Association of REALTORS.

At the least, you should run the numbers. Document what you spend in rent VS what you can afford as a house payment. On the conservative side, you should spend no more than 28 percent of your income on your mortgage payment, taxes and hazard insurance. Your other debts should be no more than seven to 14 percent of your income.

Factor in other costs, such as moving, commutes, schools, and, of course, your down payment.

Buying a home isnt just about the money. Its about life>

You have to do whats comfortable for you and your family, whether thats remaining on the sidelines or buying a home. But heres a tip -- if you buy the home that best meets the needs of your household and budget, chances are that youll be pleased with your decision for years to come.

> Full Story

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